About Bobby

I have always been a “Sports Fanatic!”

My wife says that I am a Sports Nut and that if they had it,  I would watch water polo on elephants!  I don’t know if I would go that far.

I do love sports of all kinds from a very early age.  My dad had season tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 1950’s when they played at Forbes Field.

Boy, were sports different in those days.  Our seats were in Right Field and the second row.  We sat directly behind Roberto Clemente and saw him make fabulous plays.  Nobody ever, ever had an arm like him and I saw him throw out runners going to first base on a would be single.  He consistently threw runners out at third base and also at home plate.

That was the start of how I became a Sports Fanatic.

We had season tickets from 1952 to 1959 and then my dad cancelled our tickets.  Would you believe that the Pirates won the World Series in 1960 by beating the New York Yankees.  We could have been there!

I have seen the Steelers and the Pirates play at old Three Rivers Stadium.

I have seen the Pittsburgh Penguins play when they first started at what was first the Pittsburgh Ice Palace which was also called the “Igloo.”  Then I saw them play a number of times at the Civic Arena and more recently at the PPG Paints Arena.  We know what the Penguins have done recently if you are a sports fan.

Pittsburgh is called “The City of Champions”,  the Steelers, the Penguins and the Pirates have all won Championships.  In addition, Pitt Basketball and Pitt Football and Penn State Football teams have all won championships.

One of my favorite sports is college basketball.  The team that I really like the most is the Kentucky Wildcats.  We lived in Kentucky for six years and that is basketball country.

Then there is College Football, NBA Basketball, Horse Racing (the triple crown) which we enjoyed since living in Kentucky especially the Kentucky Derby.

I have loved Golf since the early 1970’s and have always wanted to make a golf website which I have recently done.  Here it is :


With my love for all sports that is how I came up with the idea of:

“All Sports Snack Helmets.”


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